This bourgeois house was built in the most prestigious Champagne Avenue in 1881 by Eugène Mercier, founder of Mercier Champagne. Located at 71-73  Avenue de Champagne in Epernay the house was part of this family’s heritage until 1998 when my wife Elodie bought it. A beautiful address on an Avenue registered on the UNESCO world list for its houses and cellars since July 2015!

This 139 year old townhouse has been a witness to a number of local fancy parties, the Resistance movement of the colonel Servagnat and his wife during the Second World War or the annual reunions of the Mercier Tourist guide.

The bar « Bulles et Bonheur » opened in July 2017 after substantial improvements have been done to the house. And since one happy event is always followed by another, 10 days after the opening my daughter Rose was born.

Ever since this house has become the place for sharing and meeting new friends around a glass of bubbles. Friendship and good spirit are always present in our house, heritage of my years as a rugby man.

« Happiness and Bubbles »

                           Fabrice Spreux