Champagne Elodie D.

Winegrower since I was 25, I followed the path of my great grand-mother Clémentine, my grand-mother Hélène-Rose and then my mother Marie-Christine.
Indeed, the family homestead has been run and passed down from woman to woman for four generations.
Generations follow but don’t resemble each other because wine growing technique and oenology evolve…
For 19 years, a first in the village of Eccueil I chose to reintroduce antique cultivation methods such as natural grass growing and horse-drawn ploughing in my vineyard.
As for vinification I have also chosen to go back to oaken barrels starting with 2007.
This kind of artisanal culture and the vinification methods allow us today to have complex and expressive « Premier Cru » champagnes.

                                                                                                                                          Elodie Desbordes-Spreux

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