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Mechanisation of wine-growing equipment, phytosanitary products, hydraulic presses, enameld steel tanks, a considerable step forward in the service of Marie-Christine Desbordes’s wine-growing generation.This period stretching from the 70s to the end of 90s marks a revolution in the wine-growing world. And nature has offered us years of mediocre harvests but also exceptional ones.Marie-Christine has taken advantage of the good years to vinify important volumes of Milesimé Champagnes. That’s why today we are lucky to still have in our cellars genuine bottled treasures!As Pinot Noir develops an extraordinary complexity when getting old, vintage Champagne Desbordes-Amiot from Eccueil Premier Cru soil become, decades after decades, highly powerful aromatic wines.
A shimmering gold dress, extremely fine bubbles, a captivating nose, highly evolving flavours throughout tasting: an oenological treasure for epicureans!
A little nod to cigar lovers who enjoy the company of these mature wines.

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